Frequently Asked Questions

What separates Policy League from other insurance agencies?

The three biggest differences are the fact that we are a thoroughly modern insurance consultancy; that we provide an advanced focus on small and medium business insurance (as well as the home and auto insurance you expect); and that we are fast - no waiting three days to "prove" to anyone you have insurance - you contact us, and, if needed, you'll have coverage that day.

"Thoroughly modern insurance consultancy"? That sounds fancy - what does it mean?

It means we take an all-encompassing approach to insurance, and work with our clients to get them the best insurance that fits their particular situation. This means we do extensive prep work beforehand, and present you with every conceivable option available, giving you unprecedented choice.

The clients who come to us are interested in protecting their home, their family, their business... their very lifestyles. Yes, they want a good price, but they also want to make sure no corners were cut, and that no surprises await them.

So for our clients, we build policies. That way, we are able maximize the protection provided, at the best possible price point. We also work with you, and provide multiple variations of how the policy can be built. This allows us to always deliver a policy that is mathematically (and financially) superior!

The "thoroughly modern" comes into play in that we realize in this connected world, you have choices. And we embrace that. For example, we primarily utilize Farmers as our insurance carrier. However, unlike other agencies, we are not 100% tied to them - if Farmers doesn't offer what you need, we are free to go elsewhere to get you exactly what you require.

We also do not let geography stand in our way - we'll come to you if we have to (we serve the Houston area primarily, but also have clients in California, Illinois, Arkansas, and Arizona... and yes, we've traveled to them if necessary.)

Tell me about Business Insurance.

It's a specialty of ours. Our core business client is a small to medium sized business with revenues of 50k to several million dollars. Some of our clients are contractors who just have a garage workshop and a truck - others are offices / stores / larger services who need several "types" of insurance (errors and omissions, workman's comp, liability, etc.)

In almost all cases, our business insurance clients feel "under-served" by other agencies - we had one plumber tell us his former agent didn't want to talk to him for business insurance because he wasn't a million dollar business. Another client we saved $30,000 on workman's comp insurance by setting up an escrow account (something his former agent didn't bother looking into).

If you have a business, and need insurance, we'd love to help you.

Do you also handle homeowner's insurance, auto insurance, andtypes of insurances?

Indeed we do - we handle every type of insurance you "expect" us to handle.

Are there discounts for combining policies?

Yes, there usually are. We can work with you to get the best deal possible on all of your insurance needs. But there's also zero pressure - if all you need from us is business insurance, and would rather stick with your brother-in-law's agency for your other needs, that's fine. We're not looking to make the family BBQ uncomfortable.

I'm really busy - can you send an insurance salesperson here?

Yes and no. We'll send someone for sure, but it won't be a salesperson. That's because we don't have salespeople. Each member of our executive team is a seasoned, knowledgeable insurance professional. There are no sales quotas here, and every one of our agents is personally invested in your success - we find that approach refreshing for both parties.

What areas do you serve?

We are based in Sugar Land Texas, and primarily serve the Houston metro area. However, we can serve the entire state, as well as the states of California, Illinois, Arkansas, and Arizona (and we've regularly visited business clients in these states).

How can I contact Policy League?

Just call us at 281.242.5898 or toll free at 855.753.2483. If you would rather use e-mail, simply click here to go to our contact form, and one of our agents will get back to you shortly.