Worker Compensation

We Provide You with Protection for Employer Liability/Work Comp

An injury to one of your employees that occurs on your company's premises is a distinct possibility, especially if your business involves warehousing, construction or other jobs which require manual labor. Even in an office environment, an injury or accident can occur at any time.
To protect your company from financial liability for medical care and the costs associated with potential legal action for employee injuries, you should strongly consider a workers' compensation insurance plan for your business.
What Is Workers' Compensation Insurance
Workers' compensation insurance pays medical and income benefits to workers for on-the-job injuries or for work-related diseases or illnesses. This type of insurance provides protection for your employees by assuring that they receive compensation for their injuries. It also helps your company because it relieves you of claims liability and gives you specific legal protections, including immunity from most injury lawsuits. When your company's employee benefits package includes workers' compensation insurance, your opportunity to attract and retain high-quality talent is enhanced.
Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits
Your employees receive benefits based on the type and severity of their injuries. There are four types of worker's compensation benefits:
• Income benefits pay a portion of a worker's lost wages
• Medical benefits pay for medical treatment and rehabilitation for the work-related injury or diseases contracted in the workplace
• Burial benefits pay for a portion of funeral expenses
• Death benefits pay some lost wages to the worker's family, in the event of a death on the job
Injuries Not Covered by Worker's Compensation
Workers' compensation insurance does not pay for the following:
• Intentional or self-inflicted injuries
• Injuries resulting from rough-housing or voluntary drug or alcohol intoxication
• Injuries resulting from voluntary participation in personal recreational, social or sports activities
• Injuries resulting from "acts of God," unless the job has a high risk of injury from such acts
• Injuries that are inflicted by a third party for reasons unrelated to employment
Make Sure Your Employees Are Covered
Policy League is a broker for several major insurance carriers, so we are able to present you with proposals showing competitive rates and comparisons among various commercial insurance sources. We offer workers' compensation insurance solutions tailored to our client's specific needs.