General Liablity

Policy League represents several major insurance carriers, so we are able to present you with proposals showing competitive rates and comparisons among various commercial insurance sources. We offer commercial general liability coverage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

What Does Business General Liability Insurance Cover?

Being properly insured is crucial to protect your business. Policy League's general liability policy covers the following:
• Property Damage: Damage to owned or rented property for which you are legally liable
• Bodily Injury: Injuries to individuals for which you are legally liable
• Medical Payments: Medical expenses for bodily injuries that occur during the course of your business operations
• Legal Defense Costs: Attorney fees for suits brought against your company, regardless of fault
• Personal and Advertising Injury: Claims for slander or libel that are separate from your professional services
The insurance experts at Policy League will analyze your company's potential risk and help you determine the amount of general liability coverage that is appropriate for you.