Property Coverage

You and your properties are carefully considered when we begin the process of finding the best property coverage.  There are many ways that we implement REAL strategies to help you find the products that will perform the way you expect them to.

Policy League's commercial property insurance provides you with coverage such as:
• Business Personal Property Coverage: For direct physical loss to your business property

• Business Income Coverage: For actual loss of your business income due to emergency suspension of operations

• Equipment Failure Coverage: For your major operating equipment failures, such as HVAC systems or electrical systems

• Outdoor Property Coverage: For business items that you permanently locate outdoors, such as fences, antennas, satellite dishes, outdoor signage.

• Proprietary Document Coverage: For loss of your valuable papers, documents, research and records, for which duplicates do not exist.

Policy League Protects Your Business

As a business owner or CEO, one of your highest priorities is to protect your business assets from loss in the event of a catastrophe. Common man-made and natural disasters come to mind when you think of the reasons why it is necessary to obtain commercial property insurance:

Your Electronics and Software: Excluded if not Included

It's the technological age, yet damage to your company's electronic equipment, such as computers, laptops, telephone systems, flat screen televisions, iPads or tablets, and cell phones can be equally devastating.