Why Do Pool Contractors Love Policy League?

Policy League KNOWS pool construction and we know the best ways to help you! We have knowledgable licensed insurance professionals with more than fifty years of experience helping business owners. We are always happy to do a FREE QUOTE to show how we can help!

Our focus is helping business owners.
We have a unique blend of swimming pool construction experience. No matter if you are a swimming pool subcontractor or a full blown pool company that employs in house professionals that do all phases of construction, you will benefit from the strategies we implement on your behalf.

General Liability

By far your greatest exposures relates to liability risks. It is extremely important that you and your subs have adequate limitsof liability insurance to protect you in the event you are held to be liable for property damages, injuries and even a fatality. You will benefit from our FREE review of your portfolio that will show you exactly what exposures are not covered in your current policy. We read the fine print for you. We show you the facts.


You may have inventory in a store front, warehouse or on jobsites. You will be surprised how many ways we can help you insure your tools and equipment.

Tool and Equipment Floaters

If your current policy does NOT properly insure your tools and equipment...the deductibles may higher and coverage limits LESS than what we recommend. Learn our strategies to minmize your exposure, while maximizing your coverage.

Commercial Auto

Your company has a very specific auto exposure that often times is excluded if you are insuring your vehicles "Personally". There are important things you need to know. We can show you how we can properly insure your trucks and vans WITHOUT the possibility of denied claims due to "Business Use".

Workers Compensation - The Modern Approach

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy. What you dont know, can hurt you. If you currently have coverage for Worker Compensation...what you dont know, can cost you alot more money than the folks whom utilize our shared strategies.